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Who we are

Orantech is the leading manufacturer of medical supplies in the world.

We are a group of experts with more than 20 years'experience in the industry that have joined to provide the most comprehensive medical supplies business solution for the medical equipment market. Combined, Orantech's management team is one of the world's leading sources in technology, equipment, quality control and manufacturing practices for medical cables, sensors and parts.

Our office and manufacturing facilities are in the heart of the medical manufacturing center in Shenzhen. Our facilities house the industry's top equipment used for research, product development, lab testing and production. We are proudly certified and meet all the international standards for manufacturing and quality assurance including TUV ISO 13485:2016. Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered, has 510K clearance as well as all corresponding CE certificates. 

With our headquarters in Shenzhen, China we are in the ideal location for:

- Sourcing materials

- Access to suppliers

- Recruiting talent

- Channeling distribution to a global market

Our location allows us to provide the medical industry with the highest quality products at competitive prices quickly and efficiently.

We are ready to deliver the best to catch your needs!
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  • Vision

    Provide a high quality and efficient product replacement solution

  • Mission

    By virtue of excellence, to be the top player in our industry

  • Values

    Respect employees,

    be kind to customers, 

    sharing growth and profit with partners


Be part of a team that is willing to question the status quo, think differently and creatively solve problems to make a better healthcare system for everyone.

Are you…

-committed to excellence


-a team player


-hard working


Reach out to our HR department here at Orantech to learn more about what opportunities are currently available for you to join us in our mission!

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