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  • 1. Why choose compatible sensors over OEM?

    The standards for quality and functionality of OEMs and compatible cables is exactly the same. In the US both require a very strict FDA 510K approval and in the EU both require the same CE Certificate. All cables (OEM or compatible) are manufactured in China by companies with high standards for sourcing, manufacturing and quality assurance. OEM products are expensive and have long delivery lead times as stocking of all items are not given high priority by large manufacturers. We stock heavily and understand the customer is interested not only in top

    quality, but also price, speed and ease of delivery.

  • 2. Why choose Orantech over other suppliers?

    Orantech is not only the leading supplier of top quality compatible cables and sensors but also offers a unique global distribution system which makes our delivery more efficient. You will experience excellent service, efficient processes and competitive prices.

  • 3. How to match your equipment with the right compatible cable?

    Our team of experts can help guide you to the right product. All you need to have is your patient monitor model and the OEM part number for the cable you want to replace. We'll take care of the rest.

  • 4. If the cable does not fit what can I do?

    There are some patient monitor models that have various connector types. We are well aware of this difficulty and will help you navigate this so you get it right the first time. If there is any problem, we will exchange the cable for what you need. We want you to be fully satisfied.

  • 5. How can I get the right cable the next day?

    We have a global distribution partnership which allows us to ship anywhere in the US and Europe next day guaranteed delivery. For other continents delivery time can be several days (depending on shipping and import processes). We know how important getting these cables quickly is for your business, so we will work with you to get them delivered fast.

  • 6. What is the warranty on our products?

    The warranty is dependent on the product type. Please click the link(Orantech Warranty Terms) and get the exact warranty.