About Orantech

Orantech is the leading manufacturer of compatible patient monitor accessories and parts in the world. We are building the most complete after sales solution on the market. We are proud to provide top quality compatible medical cables, sensors and parts that are as trusted and recognized as the OEMs of respected companies like Philips, GE, Coviden, Masimo, Drager/Siemens, Nihon Kohden, Mindray, Spacelabs and more.

Our office and manufacturing facilities are in the heart of the medical manufacturing center in Shenzhen, China. Our facilities house the industry’s top equipment used for research, product development, lab testing and production. We are proudly certified and meet all the international standards for manufacturing and quality assurance including TUV ISO 13485:2016. Our manufacturing facility is FDA registered, has 510K clearance as well as all corresponding CE certificates. 

How we can help you

  • Affordable cost due to years of experience and favorable sourcing location
  • Excellent quality ensured by our advanced quality system
  • Fast shipping though smart manufacturing on demand
  • Dedicated support with 20+ years of experience and smart IT tools 

We are here to meet your medical supply needs!

Mission Statement, vision and values

Our mission is to provide top quality yet budget conscious compatible monitoring accessories. We do so with world class customer service, on-time delivery and efficient IT tools that meet the needs of the medical patient monitoring market. We desire to grow as we support our partners own prosperity.


We are a group of experts with more than 20 years’ experience in the industry that have joined together to provide the most comprehensive medical supplies business solution for the medical equipment market. Orantech’s management team is a leading source in medical technology and equipment knowledge, quality control and manufacturing practices for the medical cables, sensors and parts industry.