Our replacement EtCO2 sensors and supplies for the after sales market are compatible with the following brands of patient monitoring systems: Respironics, Philips, Phasein, Mindray and Zoll.


  • Respironics
  • Philips
  • Phasein
  • Zoll
  • Mindray/Datascope
  • Hamilton
  • Nihon Kohden

  • Functionality and performance equivalent to OEMs
  • Options of mainstream and side stream
  • After market replacements saving up to 50%
  • CE certificate
  • Exclusive FDA 510K as the replacements
  • 12 months warranty
Popular Products

Part Number Description Brands OEM References Package
CTM-RP01 Respironics Main stream EtCo2 sensor, 2.5m Respironics CAPNOSTAT 51015928 1 set/box
CTS-RP01 Respironics Side Stream EtCo2 sensor, 0.75m Respironics Loflo,1022054 1 set/box
CTM-PH01 Philips Main stream EtCo2 sensor, 2.5m Philips M2501A 1 set/box
CTM-ZL01 Zoll Main stream EtCo2 sensor, 2.5m Zoll 8000-0312 1 set/box
CTM-MR01 Mindray Main stream EtCo2 sensor, 2.5m Mindray 0010-21-42760 1 set/box
CTM-HT01 Hamilton Main stream EtCo2 sensor, 2.5m Hamilton 281718 1 set/box

  • All Brands

  • Quality supplies for main-stream and side-stream transducers
  • Airway adaptors
  • Water filters
  • Sampling cannula