On our brand new replacement parts appearance and functionality are equivalent to OEMs. With us you enjoy up to 50% savings compared to other suppliers and we have most items in stock and ready to ship. We carry replacement parts for the following brands of Monitor/Modules: Philips and GE.

  • Models: MP series, X2/MP2/M3002A,M3001A, M3012A, M3014A, M3015A,M3016A,M1116B
  • Plastic cover
  • Trim bezel
  • Front and rear cases
  • Handle
  • LCD screen
  • Flex circus board
  • Frame piece
  • Connectors
Warranty: 6 months
Certificate: CE
  • Models: Marquette Dash
  • CAM14 Connector
  • NIBP connector
Warranty: 6 months
Certificate: CE