Orantech is the leading manufacturer of accessories for the most popular patient monitors by brands like GE, Phillips, Masimo, Nellcor, Mindray, Nihon Koden, Datex and many more. All our accessories perform precisely as the OEMs. Accurate sensitivity and signal response combined with reliable performance and durability make our price-conscious products popular in major hospitals.

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Biomedical engineers choose Orantech’s replacement parts when repairing fetal transducers, telemetry devices, monitors/modules and infusion pumps. Our expanding list of manufactured parts include plastic cases, cable assemblies, flex circuits, screens, latch kits, keypads, knobs, connector parts, label layers, frames, assembly boards and more.

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Quality Policy

Orantech and its employees are committed to producing top quality products with the greatest reliability and accuracy in the industry.
- Quality Management System
- Our quality standards all meet those of original manufacturers and have all the top certifications including CE and FDA approval.
- Product lifetime management
- Orantech’s unique QR code labeling system now allows our customers to track every cable from manufacturing to consumer and beyond. Access to a complete product history, specifications, sales and support is now at your fingertips. 
- PDCA closed loop supervision
- In addition to continuously improving our quality regulatory system, we also carefully monitor and improve the management of the supply to achieve long term product quality stability and improvement.

Equipment Tracking System

We’ve developed a QR-Code Equipment Tracking System that is custom branded for medical repair companies so every unit they sell or service will allow the hospital to easily…

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QR-Code Product Tracking System

We believe that to continue leading in our market our excellent products must be backed by excellent IT tools. Each product we manufacture ships with a unique QR-Code that when scanned taps into our QR-Code Product Tracking System. This IT tool allows distributors and hospital personnel to access product information such as manuals, warranty dates, […]

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